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Where Classic Style Meets Hippie Sensibility

The Orchid Jewelry Collection : Classic Looks with Hippie Sensibility

About the Artist

   "Stay close to the things that make you feel alive."  

           ~ Anonymous

Hi there! My name is Johanna, and this quote is the foundation on which I built Huppie Designs.

It is also the principle by which I live every day of my life.

I am passionate about finding new and inventive ways of blending my creative side with my dream of being an entrepreneur. It is a pursuit that has served me well as a master cellist who has performed in many of the world’s most famed venues.

My musical endeavors have taken me to many countries in Europe and Asia. During my travels, I have had the great fortune to mingle with individuals from all walks of life, and it is these people from whom I draw my most divine inspiration.

I launched Huppie Designs as a creative outlet for my love of photography, jewelry design, and artistic creations.

The photographs on my site reflect my unique perspective on life. My handmade jewelry pieces are influenced by nature’s splendor. My art captures my whimsy and charm. Whether you’re having a cup of coffee with me or looking at my designs, you can see how much I love what I do.

Thanks for stopping by!